NAMED CRAMY PROTEIN 80 500g BANAAN recovery-drink


Exclusive blend from 5 natural proteins featuring a different absorption rate, Creamy Protein 80 helps maintain muscle mass with low sugar and fat content. This formula is particularly suitable to cater to the protein need before or after workout. Naturally rich in branched-chain amino acids, it also helps prevent muscular catabolism and thanks to its creamy texture and high satiety-inducing effect. It’s the perfectly in low -calorie diets. With natural sweetener (Steviol glycosides).
– Concentrated whey
– Calcium Caseinate
– Concentrated milk proteins
– Isolated whey
– Egg proteins
How and When
The recommended daily serving is 30g per day, dissolved in 300ml water, milk or other liquids, preferably between meals.
Before and after
Nutritional Characteristics
Great Taste Great Taste
– Acesulfame Free
– Aspartame Free
– Instantly Soluble
– No Sugar Added
– Time Released

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